A Smart Bank

The world is changing. We will re-build the new bank with a smart technology and idea.

About Smart Bank

Bliss Bank is a bank registered in Moheli, also known as Mwali, an autonomous region of the nation of Comoros Islands.

"Our mission is to offer our customers the most efficient and effective financial solutions with a one-stop Bank".

As the Comoros Islands is not a member of the CRS, we are not required to Automatically Exchange of Information (AEOI).

We ensure our clients that all their information is completely protected, kept confidential and will not be passed on.

We are fully committed to offering you the best forefront service to meet your financial demands.

About Comoros

The Comoro Islands are located off Africa's east coast in the Indian Ocean. Up to 1975 Comoros was a French colony. As of 1 January 2017, about 817,234 people live in an area of 2,034 sq.km.

As a government policy, the Comoros are not part of Common Reporting Standards. (CRS: Applied in 2018, 101 countries / regions).

Bliss Bank is under the authority of the Mwali (Moheli) International Services Authority (MISA).

For the past 10 years, Mwali has become a respected financial and banking center, highly regulated and supervised, fully integrated to the international financial and business community.




Hans Count von der Recke von Volmerstein


"Commerzbank A.G. (Germany) Bankkaufmann(Banker) recognized banking degree in the Banking and financial industry In 1977 joined the Foreign Exchange department 1979 assigned to Commerzbank AG Chicago branch USA as Chief Dealer in charge of Foreign Exchange, Money market and the loan portfolio

"Hambros Bank (UK) Australia a UK Merchant Bank; In charge of Foreign Exchange dealing services

Sanwa Bank (Japan) Australia In charge of Foreign Exchange dealing services

"State Authorities Superannuation Board of New South Wales Government Pension Fund Australia; Managed a A$ 2.5 billion portfolio“

"Recognized by the Australian media "as one of the biggest Foreign Exchange dealers in Australia and Asia"

Joined Saxo Bank's (Denmark) project in Japan


Hans has over 40 years of investment management experience. He has worked in the main financial centers around the world. Based on his long career in the banking and financial industry, it is our aim to become a leading Bank that will address all your financial needs, and offer you the best solutions.


BANK NAME Bliss Bank Limited
FOUNDED May 21, 2018
CAPITAL 15,000,000GBP
HEAD OFFICE Bonovo Road - Fomboni Island of Moheri - Comoros Union